Q: One of the most asked question to me is, how did I get in to doing tree work?.

A: I was up in a tree one day helping my mother at about the age of ten. She had asked me to cut a branch that I did not think should be cut. I decided to learn how to properly trim a tree. Reading books on how to trim trees I started trimming the trees in the back yard. Observing what would happen if a cut was good or if a cut was bad and why, I found what worked for me and my trees. Having watched and worked on the trees for so long I found I became very fond of trees. I could find beauty even in ugly trees and bring it out with a good trimming.

Q: When is the best time to have my tree trimmed?

A: Most people think the summer is the best time to trim your tree, but in fact, it is during the winter that trees best like to be trimmed.


Q: Are estimates free?

A: Yes they are just call or e-mail to set up a time.


Q: Are you insured

A: Yes I am insured and can present paper for this.


Q: Should I top my tree?

A: For the most part, I do not think that a tree should be topped. Except it be a fruit tree.  Topping most often creates a tree that becomes weaker. The growth that comes from the cuts most often creates an ugly tree.


Q: How often do I need to have the fruit trees trimmed?

A: I would recommend that a fruit tree be trimmed every year for the best health best fruiting and beauty.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: I frequently service trees in the Orem area, including Springville, Provo, Spanish Fork, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, and American Fork.  I also service trees outside this area on a case by case basis.  Give me a call for specifics.