What I like best for a shade tree.

a nice shady tree

What I like best for a shade tree is to give a tree a grand pillar in a cathedral look.  Doing a design like this requires that the tree have quite a bit of size normally about forty feet or above. The tree must have a good spread as well.  When done the tree has a great clean spire with a spread on top that resembles a cathedral pillar with a roof over head.  I love to see and do this because it cleanse up the tree as well as the aria that it stands while keeping the shade.

I find that if some one wants this kind of look on a tree in an open area care must be taken early.  The tree should have a desired shape even when young, especially when young. When trees are young they are easy to manipulate and the wounds heal quickly. When a tree has many years on it becomes harder to want to cut large limbs to shape the tree. With large cuts to do the tree may contain a gap for years and the wounds heal quite slowly which could lead to other problems.

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